BENEFITS of hydrotherapy include dramatically increasing the elimination of waste, thus assisting detoxification loosening tense, tight muscles and encouraging relaxation increasing the metabolic rate and digestion activity hydrating the cells, improving skin and muscle tone boosting the immune system, allowing it to function more efficiently.


Hydrotherapy is used to treat many illnesses and conditions including:
Stomach problems
Joint, muscle, and nerve problems
Sleep disorders

Osteoarthritis Treatment


A study done with people with osteoarthritis in the knee concluded that those who used hydrotherapy had better outcomes than those who did not. 60 people were included in the experiment and their average age was 68.3 years of age. They underwent an eight week trial and those who used hydrotherapy and medication had a better outcome than those who were on medication alone. The study was followed up after three months and those who used hydrotherapy had better results with pain, function, quality of life, functional mobility and depression.