A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.Aqua Med Walk-In Tubs Company serves handicapped and disabled people in the Coral Springs, FL and the Boynton Beach, FL area with the utmost of care. Our handicapped walk-in tub provides seniors and those with mobility issues the ability to live independently in the comfort of their own home.

Having a handicapped safety bathtub gives you more ease-of-living for your bathing needs. Senior citizens and those with mobility issues are often challenged with daily tasks, anything from taking high steps to simply taking care of their personal hygiene. The convenience of having walk-in tubs or walk-in showers (with an optional wall mount) at home not only help you keep your independence, they also allow you to keep your dignity in bathing by reducing the need for a caregiver.

Our company takes care of you throughout the entire installation process. We have plumbers for walk-in tubs in Coral Beach, FL as well as plumbers for walk-in tubs in Boynton Beach, FL and throughout Florida, or nationwide.

A recent study done by the Mayo Clinic concluded the therapeutic benefits of a walk-in tub led to a better quality of life.

Worldwide you will see these special bathtubs in centers for physical therapy, nursing homes, and assisted living centers. Those in the medical profession understand the many benefits our products provide. Not only for the safety they provide in reducing injury, but also for the many physical benefits their patients experience. You can enjoy these same benefits right in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Adjust your home, not your life.

A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.


A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.Some people buy a walk-in tub simply for the therapeutic luxury of it. But for the most part, safety tubs are purchased by seniors or those who are struggle with mobility challenges due to safety concerns. Independent studies demonstrate the many benefits of the hydrotherapy our special safety tubs provide.

Traditional bathtubs are hard to get in and out of for those with balance and coordination difficulties. Due to traditional tubs’ hazardous height, each time you enter or exit it is a potential safety risk. Our entire network of installation teams take the time and care of ensuring your grab bars are installed in your home, set ideally for your particular needs. Your safety is one of our primary concerns.

The National Safety Council reports that there is a death due to a bathroom slip and fall incident every day in the United States alone. Standard glass shower doors have proven to be dangerous as well. A recent study by the Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that in a single year, nearly two thousand glass shower doors caused problems due to breakage after a slip and fall. Although the glass was tempered and designed to break into small pieces, the jagged edges were still a danger for those falling on them. A safety tub is the way to ease your mind of having a slip-and-fall in your own home. Our walk-in bathtubs will give you peace of mind, and the feeling of security you deserve. Our products are also ADA compliant for sitting and standing with ease.

Some people are reluctant to purchase a walk-in tub because they feel they may be too expensive. Yet when you consider the financial costs due to an injury or the cost of assisted living, the cost of a walk-in tub is far less. Not to mention, a physical ailment can cost you for a lifetime. At Aqua Med walk-in tub Company, we can show you how to take that hesitation away. Not only are our tubs priced thousands less than our competition, we also have financing available to fit your budget and live affordably. Our products can simply change your quality of life. Our bathtubs not only boast the lowest safety step-in tubs in the industry, we back each of our products with a 100% lifetime warranty. A warranty that covers each and every component – for life. You simply can’t find a better walk-in tub!