A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.Meet Sherry Valentine- Rushing, owner of Aqua Med Walk-In Tubs Company. A family owned and operated business proudly serving the state of Florida, and nationwide. West Palm Beach, FL and Wellington, FL are two of the hubs for serving Florida with the quality line of walk-in tubs. From start to finish, she will take care of all the details of installing your new walk-in tub. There is no need to find a plumber to install your new walk-in tub, she has you covered with the best plumber(s) for installing walk-in tubs.

Sherry also has hubs for their walk-in tub Company serving Boca Raton, FL Coral Springs, FL Delray Beach, FL Boyton Beach, FL and Lake Worth, FL.  Her motto is “one call does it all†whether you’re on the East coast of Florida or anywhere in the continental United States.

Sherry is devoted to customer satisfaction both before, and most importantly, after the purchase as they offer the industry’s best quality products at an affordable price.  She is devoted to caring after your purchase, not just during your purchase. Word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers rules business. They save you thousands of dollars over comparable walk-in tubs because they can avoid corporate advertising costs, and they don’t have pushy commission based sales people. In fact, when you call, you will be dealing directly with Sherry the owner. Most often, Sherry will be the one who you will be talking with when you call.

She has more than thirty years experience in the health-care industry in A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.positions of management. One thing that comes natural to her from those thirty plus years is a passion to care for others, and a concern for their well being. During those years devoted to the health and well being of others, Sherry had the privilege of spending time with a wide range of people who could benefit from hydrotherapy. Individuals such as seniors, veterans, the handicapped and disabled, and those with mobility issues due to slips and falls, broken hips, and many other injuries. She is now devoted to helping others with her caring attitude by explaining what those in the medical industry have been doing for years. That is, showing people the healing benefits of hydrotherapy that these therapeutic tubs can provide.


  • Calming high blood pressure
  • Aiding in diabetic issues
  • The ease of muscle tension and back pain
  • Moisturizing of skin conditions such as psoriasis, rashes, and eczema
  • Soothing relief from carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia
  • Relief from sinus pressure, asthma, and dry throat
  • Helping to detoxify your body’s lymphatic system
  • Relief from sprains and strains
  • Relieving benefits from migraine headaches
  • Helping poor circulation in the body
  • Ease of pain from arthritis
  • Relief for sciatica stiffness
  • Improving the quality of your sleep and helps insomnia
  • Aids in lifting depression and anxiety
  • Reducing varicose veins and hemorrhoid inflammation

The list of healing benefits of a walk-in tub goes on. While doctors proclaim the benefits of these low step-in tubs, you will also find them recommended by rehabilitation professionals to aid in the healing from the trauma of accidents, strokes and a list of other ailments. Having a low step walk-in tub in the privacy of your own home not only provides you with safety and the ability of independent living without a caregiver, it also saves you money. Your personal hygiene couldn’t be any easier with a walk-in tub.

Contact us today. Unlike other companies dominated by corporate greed, you will find the owner of Aqua Med to be very caring and patient. You will be treated with dignity and respect as your questions and concerns are dealt with. They address your needs as an individual the help you find the best suited walk-in tub for your needs. In fact, you will gladly be provided with pricing right over the phone with the care of customizing a walk-in tub to your individual needs.

If you would like to learn more about our full 100% Lifetime Warranty, visit our walk-in tubs HOME PAGE on this website.

A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.

A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.
A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.
A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.
A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.
A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.