A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.While we offer help and assistance in providing walk-in tubs for disabled veterans who can benefit from the HISA Grant, we sincerely believe our first duty is to give you a sincere “Thank you†for your military service. We appreciate all the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made to provide  our country’s freedoms. We hold our veterans in high regard.

  • We are proud our manufacturing facility has Veteran(s) under its employ.
  • Our walk-in safety tubs are approved by the Veterans Administration (VA).
  • We offer a special military discount on our walk-in tub for disabled veterans.

At Aqua Med Walk-In Tub Company of Florida, we are humbled to serve those who have served. We cater to those with mobility issues with the highest quality walk-in tub on the market. All of our walk-in tubs come with a 100% lifetime warranty that covers every component. None of our competitors with a comparable walk-in tub can provide such a warranty. More importantly, our lifetime warranty doesn’t come at an extra cost. In fact, our products are less costly than our competition due to limiting our advertising costs and not having to pay high franchise fees. We are family owned and American proud.

Our Florida based walk-in tub Company appreciates our veterans and we understand how tedious the process can be in filling out the proper paperwork necessary for improving your home to accommodate your mobility issues. While we are here to help, one of the best places for you to start is to contact your regional Veterans Administration office by clicking here. They can assist you in which grant you may be entitled to receive and guide you in the first steps.

They can provide you with information regarding an (SAH) Grant or an (SHA) Grant. While both help you with making your home living environment more convenient and accessible, they both come with their own set of individual requirements. The above link will help aid you in your questions for both.


While your particular situation may involve receiving benefits from a (SHA) or (SAH) grant, either can also include the HISA Grant. What is the HISA Grant for disabled Veterans? It is Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant.

Because a walk-in tub provides therapeutic relief and easing of mobility issues for disabled veterans, they are covered under the HISA Grant. Under this program, Veterans can receive the assistance they need to improve their home in ways necessary for the continuation of treatment, or for home access to  necessary sanitary and lavatory facilities due to their disability. Our walk-in tubs are best suited for you because they have the lowest, safest step-in for a walk-in tub in the industry. Our walk-in tubs have a 0â€-2.5†threshold for ease of entry and exit. An added benefit which is often overlooked is the ability for a walk-in tub to also be used as walk-in showers. By installing a low cost (optional) wall mount, our walk-in tubs can have the convenience of also being used as walk-in showers. This becomes particularly beneficial for households where other individuals may want to use a shower (walk-in shower) instead of a tub. This gives you the convenience of a tub and shower combination to suit the needs of homes with more than one occupant. You may find additional helpful information by clicking here.

A red and white ambulance parked on the side of a road.For service-connected veterans, home improvement benefits up to $6,800.00 are provided for those who qualify. However, with our military appreciation for the disabled veterans discount which we provide as our personal thanks, your benefit goes over $7,000.00.

  • We provide you a Lifetime warranty on every component of your walk-in tub
  • We are made in USA
  • We have the lowest safety step-in threshold in the industry
  • We bring your benefit to more than $7,000.00 by providing our own personal appreciation
  • We beat our competition in price on comparable walk-in baths

You can apply for the HISA Grant by clicking here.

As always, we are here to serve you should you have any questions. We take personal care of our customers to a level second to none. And, when it comes time to serve those who have served us, we take extra care to help in any way we can.


We are based in Florida proudly serving our veterans throughout the entire continental United States. Our products are made in the USA. Call toll free.